Climate Partner

Fifty Digital Support Sustainability by Becoming Climate Neutral Certified

This Earth Day, Fifty Digital, the fastest growing digital and social media agency in sponsorship and sport, are reaffirming their commitment to sustainability by becoming climate neutral certified.

Working with the leading climate action company ClimatePartner, Fifty Digital have measured and reduced their emissions across all their operations for 2020. Fifty Digital have then offset their unavoidable remaining 2020 footprint by investing in a hydropower project fighting global warming in DR Congo, which simultaneously protects the habitat of mountain gorillas in the region by preserving forest.

This announcement expands the company’s commitment to sustainability and their belief that businesses which are often seen as part of the problem, can be part of the solution too. The Fifty Digital Grove continues to grow, with a tree planted for each and every employee and client. With an ambition to communicate the dangers of global warming in sport and counteract the effects of climate change, this carbon reduction project will continue to be prioritised year after year.

Fifty Digital recognises the impact that climate change continues to have on the sporting world and holds themselves accountable as a catalyst for change. They are mindful that it is their responsibility to reduce their direct CO2 emissions and support carbon offset projects.

This is a passion shared by numerous Fifty Digital clients, particularly those such as Vestas, who operate within the ABB Formula E Championship: the first sport with a certified net zero carbon footprint. They will work with their partners to communicate the message this Earth Day that sporting businesses can be part of the solution.


Nick Jackman, Co-Founder of Fifty Digital, said: “As a business, we understand our responsibility to minimise the environmental impact of our work, and will continue to focus on and prioritise this fundamental value. We have taken steps within our operations to actively reduce our CO2 output and offset all remaining emissions to develop a sustainable competitive advantage.”

James Campbell, Co-Founder of Fifty Digital said: “We’re excited to spread the message that we are Climate Neutral certified as a business, as this is a priority both for us internally and for many of our clients. We remain committed to playing a role in leading the transition to sustainability in sport, supporting worthwhile projects fighting climate change.”