My Six Week Work Experience at 50 Sport

They say there’s never a dull moment in the sports industry, and that’s exactly how I would describe my six weeks at 50 Sport. As a current sport management university student, the opportunity to gain some industry experience is something I’ve been eagerly anticipating. Enter 50 Sport, the perfect platform to experience diverse tasks and expand my knowledge to merge my passion with professional development.

Whilst six weeks may not seem long, we were able to pack a lot in! Each day, whether that be with the editorial, client services or business development, was filled with diverse tasks, exciting opportunities and new challenges.
I found myself immersed in a dynamic learning environment where creativity and innovation thrived.

Even at the end of my 6 weeks, the casual ‘name drops’ of the extensive and impressive clients that 50 Sport represent, still hasn’t worn off and, I think I could have been here for six months or years and it still wouldn’t! Being a Formula 1 enthusiast, the opportunity to work on an iconic team’s accounts unsurprisingly fuelled my passion for the sport even more. It wasn’t all just F1- I also enjoyed an in-depth taste of the football and rugby industries, and let me tell you, I’m now hooked!

Advocating for gender equality is a core principle of mine, and I was thrilled to contribute to 50 Sport’s International Women’s Day activities. Crafting mailers highlighting ground-breaking initiatives, representing female strength and empowerment, such as FC Bayern Munich Women new kit launch and adapting our logo to reflect our commitment to inclusivity, were just some of the ways I contributed.

Crafting copies, captions and content for the EPCR Challenge Cup, to creating talent audits for MotoGP shoots, I was constantly learning, experimenting and expanding my knowledge. Designing graphics was something that I hadn’t tried before, so seeing my graphic posted on the French Investec Cup’s X was pretty cool. A highlight (which may be surprising for some!) was actually sitting in meetings where I was able to absorb all the great ideas and insights that were flying around. Each experience broadened my skill set and deepened my appreciation for the diverse opportunities within the sports industry.

Additionally, I was able to pursue my own interests through my research project. With clients such as DHL, EPCR and Majesticks, researching how Netflix’s docuseries compare to traditional broadcasting in terms of reach and impact, was a perfect a match.

Which department I enjoyed most (a big question in office!) is hard to say but one of the main things that stood out and something I will take away with me is the genuine overwhelming sense of passion for sport being at the heart of everything and everyone at 50 Sport.

Looking back, I am so grateful for the invaluable knowledge and experiences gained during my time. With still two years of university to go, my experience at 50 Sport has only fuelled my excitement to get my journey into the sports industry going! Thank you to everyone for being so welcoming, encouraging me to give things a go and simply just talking all things sport with me!